~ the hat pattern has arrived! ~

23 September 2008

today's flower

when i went to the nearby craft store to get more quilting threads, the owner of the store told me that my “special request item” has arrived… i almost jumped in joy! it’s the Clover hat pattern that i’ve ordered a few weeks ago! what a perfect timing: aina’s hat is almost too small for her… time for a new hat!

i’ve been wanting to get this pattern after seeing the end-product on one of the japanese craft book i own. i could make three different type of hats out of this pattern: a capeline, a tulip hat and a cloche. and the tulip hat pattern can turn into a bag pattern, too! but what i really want to make is a small cloche hat for aina, with my own choice of fabric… so expect a post about making-a-cloche-hat soon! hopefully, it’s as easy as it looks.

hat pattern

and, of course, to celebrate the arrival of the hat pattern, i ended up buying two more ribbons and a flower for the dining table (shown at the top of the post).

~ comment (2) ~

just wondering.. do you have a sewing machine or do you do everything by hand?

dian | 24 September 2008 - 12:01 | reply

i do have a sewing machine, which is peeking on the first picture of this entry:

thalia | 24 September 2008 - 12:52 | reply