~ tiny shoes ~

22 September 2008

brown MJ

aina has been running around like toddlers should be. and she has fallen, bruised, scratched and cried from all those quite often. right at this moment, her bruised and scratch on her forehead hasn’t even healed (from falling while running, and hit our neighbor’s fence), and she has already gotten another scratch on her right cheek, from falling off her moose.

i guess little kids are all like that. when i was still in the kindergarten, i remember wondering how does it feel not to have any wound in my body… at that time, i always had a band-aid or two on me, mostly from falling or hitting something… maybe aina is like that, too.

i’ve also been running, lately. well, not running. it’s more like a brisk walk for forty five minutes per day… i’m trying to lose some weight. no wounds so far, and it’s been nice. i walk with koda every afternoon, and it feels like a good quality time with her. before aina was born, i used to spend so much time with her, but now with aina around, koda has always had to wait. so, this walk thing works well as a tool to get skinnier and as a fun time with koda. she seems to be happier, too!

anyways, i gotta go and take shower now, before joining ari playing some GTA 4 :)