~ about Expiration Date ~

after many permutations, Expiration Date currently serves as a container of our random thoughts, sometimes as a daily account of our activities, a photo repository, artwork and craft showcase, and a place to share our stories with friends and family who live far away.


it is an online journal of Avocadolite family that consist of the wife thalia (who updates these pages), the husband ari, the baby aina, the dog koda and three stuffed pandas named puni, miru and goni.

we live in a small tropical island called Singapore, located in the heart of South East Asia. it's a perpetual summer here, so we're always sweating. it's kinda ironic because thalia likes knitting and making (and wearing) warm clothing. we ride our bicycles almost everywhere. we own a small design studio called pericraft. it's located next to our living room. that way, aina and koda can go to work easily. we all like drawing, swimming and ice cream. we try to do those every day.

at the new alexandra park connector

~ about the site ~

Expiration Date started at the beginning of 1999 as a tool for me to learn SSI. it was a journaling site. after a year, it evolved to a blog (thanks to Blogger). but blogging got boring, so i started using greymatter for about a year to go back to journaling. recently, i changed the content management system to movable type and i'm in love with it.

this journal started a few days after my college graduation day. so it has recorded many aspects of myself, including my fresh-graduate anxiety period, my ambitious working life in New York City, the internet bubble period where everyone got a taste of the lavish lifestyle of rockstars, and my depression after the 9/11. this journal also tells the story of my nomaden lifestyle where i lived in three different countries all at the same time for about a year and a half. it is now recording my settled and married life with a kid and a dog in Singapore.

the photo album within this journal is powered by a tool developed by myself. at the time when i needed a photo album, there is no canned script with interface to my liking. so i decided to create one myself with my limited knowledge of PHP. it once evolved to an attempt to create an open-source photo album along with its own CMS. but then i lost interest and stopped working on it. the CMS is still pretty buggy and only functions in this server. so, i never get to release the script to the public... and i think it'll stay that way.

if, for some reason, you would like to view the content of this site from somewhere else, i have a few options for you.

  1. you can syndicate the site using the FeedBurner.
  2. if you're a LiveJournal user, you can add expiration_date as your friend so that entry excerpts of this site will show up on your friends page.
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Expiration Date is a part of Avocadolite, a hub of all fun projects from me and ari. it is hosted at Dreamhost.