~ ma maison and clarke quay ~

23 September 2008


after doing home cooking for a few days in a row, we decided to have a lunch out. we went to our new favorite mall, The Central. we had lunch at Ma Maison, one of the most child friendly place we know… aina loves the food, the waitresses and waiters are friendly, they always give toys, and — of course — they have good high chair.

food ma maison

the food was excellent, as usual. too bad i was on diet, so i only got to have my steak and the escargot (what a diet, eh? haha). i didn’t get to have the bread, salad, soup and the ice cream. ari and aina enjoyed it, though.

after lunch, we walked around on the promenade of Central. it’s so cute to see aina ran around under the sun on her yellow dress and her little bag. she was amused with the boats and hippo tours that was park on the other side of the river. maybe we should take her on a boat ride someday.

we also met one of our old clients who were having lunch in the same mall, too. so, after a short chitchat, we walked to Clarke Quay take some pictures.

clarke quay

even though we like going to Central, i gotta admit that their taxi system sucks. it’s very hard to get a taxi there, and no cab wants to go to their underground taxi stand. so you ended up have to go to nearby hotel to get a taxi. the last time we went to that hotel, they put an attendant to watch over the taxi stand and a very obvious sign saying “This taxi stand is only for the hotel patrons”, or something along that line…

so this time, instead of going to that hotel, we decided to cross the river and use the Clarke Quay taxi stand to get a cab. a little longer walk, but it works better. the line was short (it was weekday) and aina likes the walk, too :)

there is more pictures in the Flickr photo album.

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guess what?! you probably won’t believe me… if i say.. that I’m on diet too… I am maybe tiny… but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have fat… Ternyata badan gue isinya fat semua! Hahahaha! Jadi sekarang tiap malem makan salad…

cynthia | 30 September 2008 - 07:32 | reply

tak percayaaaaaa!!! hahaha… ntar elo ilang dari permukaan bumi, lho, cyn!

thalia | 30 September 2008 - 09:32 | reply