~ cycling to marina bay with Jessi ~

03 January 2012

so after all the pretzels are baked, we took our bikes and headed to Marina Bay Sands. Jessi, who’s been living in Japan for the past few years, has never seen the revamped Singapore Bay. so, why not showing her around on bicycles?

it was around 6-ish and off we went.

cycling to marina bay with jessi

jessi was on negi, i was on thyme, and aina’s baby thyme was attached to ari’s robin hood using the boom. it’s pretty amazing that aina was sitting on the bike, pedaling for the whole 10 kilometers. i think it was the furthest distance she’s ever been riding on the boom.

the sun was about to set when we reached Clarke Quay…

cycling to marina bay with jessi

but we managed to take a few pictures and breaks for aina walking around… but by the time we got to esplanade, it was already dark. that’s okay, though. the bay was full of light at night, so it was still interesting for jessi to see… and iphone has flash for photos, hehe.

cycling to marina bay with jessi

we parked our bikes at the Esplanade and walked across the Helix bridge to have dinner at the Marina Bay Shopping Centre.

they have these lit-up rain deers along the bridge. i think it was a christmas decoration. very pretty and aina looooves them.

cycling to marina bay with jessi

when we’re done eating dinner, it was around 10-ish, so we headed home. this time, aina sat on the baby seat on my bike. because she was exhausted and fell asleep on the way home.