~ negi + finch repainted ~

21 October 2009

yesterday afternoon, after a week of being away, negi and finch are back. Victor from Dekibike dropped them off and they have new colors now. our bikes are getting prettier and prettier!

finch - before

new colors :)
finch - after

as a 25-year old bike, finch was rusted all over, so he needed cleaning and repainting badly. his paint used to be darker yellow with slight sheen. we liked that paint, but it wasn’t available here. so we went with this yellow. we still need to clean some rust on the chrome areas, but finch is in a much better condition now.

the new saddle
negi - before

new colors :)
negi - after

and since finch was being painted, negi wanted to tag along. we changed the color from sheen silver to flat white. i like white much, much better. it goes with the saddle really well.

~ comment (2) ~

bener Thal … kalo’ warnanya putih lebih keren yah .. lebih berasa vintage-nya .. :-)

pimpi | 24 October 2009 - 03:38 | reply

yay, sukses! si negi emang pengen dibikin keliatan rada vintage. si finch, yang emang vintage, malah mo dibikin rada baruan… hehe, kebalik :P

thalia | 24 October 2009 - 07:17 | reply