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19 May 2011

tonight, aina’s new bicycle arrived at our place. it’s green, it has a basket on its handlebar and it has a doll seat on the back. very cute! and it only costs us 20 bucks… what a find!

aina's new bike

about two weeks ago, we rode our bikes to Rodalink Jurong East to look around for kiddy bicycle since aina has been literally dreaming of riding real bike (bicycle with pedals, she said, referring to her other pedalless bicycle). there, on the very back of the store, we found a little green bicycle with training wheel. the frame is a loop frame, instead of the usual BMX-ish look, so we quickly fell in love with it. aina rode it around the store and also got quite attached to it. the bike itself was a display model, so the seat is not white anymore, but the rest of the bike still looks good. the price tag says $115.

aina's new bike

when we asked the staff, she said that it’s the last piece and on 10% off because it’s an old model and has been on the floor for a while. we asked her if she can hold it for us for that day, because we want to look at the Rodalink Commonwealth to see if there was a kiddy bike that we liked there. she agreed.

upon arrival, we realized that all the kiddy bikes in Rodalink Commonwealth were all BMX-styled. so we decided to get the green one we fell in love with. aina wanted that one too, because unlike the other kiddy bikes, that one has a doll seat that she can put snowy in when she bike around.

since the Rodalink Commonwealth is pretty much our neighbor (only about 1km away from our house), we ask the staff if it was possible to send the green bike from Jurong East to Commonwealth. and the nice people on Rodalink agreed and said they would call us when the little bike arrives. yay!

that was two weeks ago. so i gave them a call this morning to remind them about the bike. yep, it turned out that the truck driver forgot to bring the little bike along. and by 4 in the afternoon, the staff at Rodalink Commonwealth called me and told me that i can pick the green bike up any time. it has arrived.

then, the nice people in Rodalink did an even nicer thing. first they checked the little bike to make sure there is no damage. then, they said, since the bike is old (it was a model that came out two years ago) and has been discontinued, they will give us a discount. so the staff called their boss, and the boss said that they can sell the bike for $20. twenty dollars… and the price tag was $115… whoa.

so, tonight, aina was very happy with the bike that she kept riding it in the house all night.

aina's new bike
aina's new bike

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Happy Aina with her “baby thyme”……..

Maudy pojoh kamarga | 20 May 2011 - 10:24 | reply

hihihi, iya… smoga jadi cepet naik sepeda roda 2 :D

thalia | 21 May 2011 - 02:54 | reply

been a silent reader for quite sometimes..love-love your blog! :)
Happy riding, Aina..

Rury | 20 May 2011 - 11:01 | reply

hi rury… salam kenal! makasii ya udah nyempetin komen :)

thalia | 21 May 2011 - 02:54 | reply

Ih bagus dan MURAH banget sih? Ups, dasar emak2, begitu murah langsung heboh haha…

Wah Snowy langsung diajak keliling dong? :)

otty | 20 May 2011 - 04:51 | reply

iyaaaa, murah bangeeeet! padahal udah siap2 ngeluarin $100 (kan katanya diskon 10%)… taunya cuma $20. bengong deh gue… bengong seneng, maksudnya :D

thalia | 21 May 2011 - 02:55 | reply