~ WR: black and red ~

23 July 2009

with fresh red hair

dress - mossimo, belt - unbranded from haji lane, sunglasses - unbranded from street vendor, bag - topshop, wedges - almost vintage Hermes, rubber black bangles - 77th street, silver bangle - chomel.

this pair of wedges was my mom’s. she bought it in 1995. the moment i saw her brought the orange shopping bag into the house, i fell in love with these shoes. almost 15 years later, she finally gave them to me — never worn and completely mint condition — the way i saw it 15 years ago.

too bad, after about an hour or so of walking, these shoes becomes super painful to wear. the heels are 10cm high (4”), which is pretty high… i’ve worn shoes higher than this pair, but this one just killed me. the first time i wore this for over an hour, my toes and calves cramped. i had to buy a pair of yellow elmo flip flop to be able to continue walking. strangely, i still wear them. i bring a pair of flats with me, though.