~ two snowies pt. 1 ~

24 July 2009

aina and i went to IKEA to buy the second Snowy for aina. why? well, if you see the difference between the first snowy and the second, you might be able to guess why:

two snowies

the first snowy was born (or bought) a year ago, on the 23rd of May 2008. it took aina a whole hour to choose from rows of stuffed animals in IKEA. she went from one side of the wall, took and held one type of stuffed animal from a basket, then took another one from another basket, decided which one she liked, put the one she didn’t like down and held the preferred one. then she moved to the next basket. repeat.

she did that for an hour, until the current snowy was the winner. since then, since the 23rd of May 2008, aina and snowy are inseparable. aina took him everywhere, to the beach, to the playground, and to bed (oh yeah, snowy is a he. or that’s what she said). and the whole year snowy’s been with us, he’s only been washed twice. one of them was because snowy was covered with aina’s puke… and at that time, my uncle has a dryer. so snowy was dried within a day.

we don’t have a dryer.

so, today, as an attempt to wash snowy, we went out to buy a second snowy. at the beginning, i didn’t think it was a good idea, until one day, we went to IKEA and she found two baskets full of snowies… she screamed, rushed into the baskets and wanted to give kisses to each stuffed animal.

so, naturally, she was excited when i told her that we’re going shopping for a second snowy. and as soon as she got it, she held both of them, one of the left, the other one on the right, and walking around IKEA with both dogs.

two snowies

just now, she told me that she loves both of them. and she said that i can wash snowy I tomorrow, and have snowy II sleep with her tomorrow night. right now, she’s sleeping hugging the both of them.

let’s see how it goes with the washing tomorrow. i’ll post an update.

update: on the next day

~ comment (2) ~

You’re such a good mommy. I don’t think I’d have the patience to let my child (if I had one) spend an hour picking out a toy =o(

Lynn | 25 July 2009 - 05:58 | reply

well, it happened a little before she turned one year old, and it was pretty much the first time she showed us that she had preference. so for us, we were rather amused and proud with her “achievement” for being able to “choose”.

if it happens now, i’d probably tell her to hurry up :P

thalia | 26 July 2009 - 02:43 | reply