~ two snowies pt. 2 ~

25 July 2009

well, it turned out that the second snowy can’t replace the first snowy. i washed the snowy I in the morning. during her afternoon nap, she had a hard time falling asleep. she kept asking for snowy I while holding snowy II.

“i miss snowy,” she whined over and over again.

during our walk to do grocery store, she brought the snowy II with her while the snowy I is still basking under the sun at home. again, “where is snowy? i miss snowy!”


i don’t usually say this, but thank god for the hot weather and piercing sun yesterday… by bed time, the first snowy is dry enough for her to sleep with. and to see her face lit up with huge smile when i told her that she can bring snowy I to sleep with her, i realize how much snowy means to her.

so, no problem with the sleeping tonight. she fell asleep very quickly. however, another problem has arise: she’s now attached to both dogs and carry the two of them everywhere. does this mean we have to take two (rather big) stuffed dogs everywhere — to malls, to lunch out, to the botanic gardens, to the plane when we travel out of the country ? uh oh.

plan for the next step: get her to leave one at home when we’re going out.

~ comment (4) ~

bawa anak traveling aja kadang udah repot Thal… apalagi tambah gembolannya… hihihi!
Bilang aja sama Aina… the other snowy (cadangannya) harus dirumah nemenin Koda… unless Koda ikut pergi juga… hmmm… ikut semua dong? hihihi…

cynthia | 26 July 2009 - 04:46 | reply

betuuuuul! untungnya barusan kita pergi, dia ternyata bersedia untuk ninggalin salah satu snowynya di rumah. mo main ama koda, katanya. (wah, wama persis ama yang elo bilang!).

good start ;) semoga berjalan kayak gini terus… *crossing fingers*

thalia | 26 July 2009 - 05:41 | reply

That is just so funny and sweet! Maybe you can tell her that snowy II has to stay home to guard the house.

Kim | 26 July 2009 - 10:53 | reply

ha, guarding the house a good idea, kim! keeping koda company ;)

thalia | 27 July 2009 - 12:43 | reply