~ content of my bag ~

30 September 2006

over a year ago, i posted the “content of my bag” picture. a few days ago, i took the same type of picture again. it turns out that the content of my bag doesn’t change much, even after a year…

check out the Flickr page to see the notes on the picture.
  • the brown corduroy bag i bought in Melbourne three and a half years ago
  • tissues. this is a must-have in Singapore, since none of the food court provides napkins
  • house key. yep, i only have one key in Singapore
  • Sonny Ericsson Z520i phone in white with handmade cover and my favorite phone dangle: Gloomy Bear paw
  • the red card holder that also serves as my wallet (i don’t carry much money around)
  • sunglasses. cheap but stylish, hee hee
  • Sennheiser headphones that’s been with me for around 4 years (thanks to Godote for the recommendation!)
  • Baleno umbrella. it’s been raining a lot lately
  • Keihls’ lip balm
  • Moleskine notebook
  • Uniball Signo DX pen, 0.38
  • 3G iPod with the headphone’s casing

the camera i use to take this picture should also be in the bag.

~ comment (2) ~

your bag has an image of a mule/donkey or something. that was the first thing i noticed. mule/donkey with horns?

PS: you might wanna replace Sennheiser with Grado. Believe me! Grado kicks Sennheiser butt anytime :)

Masindi | 2 October 2006 - 09:51 | reply

i don’t think the bag was meant to have a “face” on it, but the first time i saw it, i thought of sheep. a few days ago, someone thought it was a kangaroo, so i don’t know :)

and thanks for the recommendation. i’ll give Grado a try once this one breaks :)

thalia | 3 October 2006 - 08:22 | reply