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01 October 2006
three tired faces

ari’s mom is coming to Singapore today. she arrived this morning, and will leave for Auckland, New Zealand early Tuesday morning to stay at Nia’s (ari’s sister) place in Auckland for a month.

so, today, ari and i woke up early (around 9, which is very early for us) to go to the airport. after picking up mom, we then went to the Botanical Garden once again with Koda. we didn’t walk as far as last weekend, but this time, we met colorful dragonfly and the huge swan. the swan is actually bigger than Koda! i didn’t know that swans can grow that large…

anyways, if we’re not too lazy, we’re planning to do the Botanical Garden trip every weekend. Koda loves the trip.

today, which is the first Sunday of the month, is also the orchid day… on one of the entrances, orchid enthusiasts gathers and show off their orchids. some of them sells theirs, too. so, i ended up buying two orchids of our house (and took many orchid pictures, too!) i killed the first orchid i bought, so let’s hope i won’t kill those two.


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ah the garden.

saturday and sunday
thou shall have buffet breakfast at the Halia restaurant near Ginger Garden.

18 bucks all you can eat very cozy at the terrace.

Masindi | 3 October 2006 - 10:16 | reply

yeah, very nice place. we were going to have our wedding there… we will try the buffet breakfast, if we could wake up that early :)

thalia | 4 October 2006 - 02:09 | reply

I took my parents to Orchid Garden once here in Singapore. They said… although it’s not as big as the one in indonesia, here is more well managed… What’s not?? Hmmm… I wouldn’t be surprised… :)

cynthia | 3 October 2006 - 11:52 | reply

supposedly, the singapore botanical garden is the smaller and experimental botanical garden. the real, “full-sized” one was later built in Bogor. unfortunately, the one in Bogor has not been taken care of well… sad, huh?

thalia | 4 October 2006 - 02:12 | reply