~ content of my bag ~

11 July 2005
bag content 1
check out Flickr page to see the notes on the picture.
  • my Muji bag
  • my wallet. contains a few dollar bills, ATM cards, passcard into the apartment and MRT passcard.
  • a pencil case: a few colored pens, a mechanical pencil, a black eraser, two crochet needles, a scissors and one large sewing needle.
  • a cigarette case. the lighter goes in there too.
  • a keychain from mom that contains keys for Singapore apartment, Melbourne home and my suitcase keys.
  • a Kiehls lipbalm
  • a Moleskine notebook
  • Sonny Ericsson T610 within a kitty phone cozy bought at Muee with tons of phone dangles: two yellow chicks, two tarepandas, one orange, one jade stone and a button from WDZG.
  • sunglasses! a necessity.
  • crocheted digital camera pouch. usually contains a Canon Ixus 500 which i use to take this picture with.

this is the bag i usually use. but i’m currently making a larger bag so i can fit more stuff into it.

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you can put this in the flickr whats-in-your-bag group :)

yasmina | 20 July 2005 - 11:31 | reply

i thought about that, but i chickened out. maybe i should do that… :P

thalia | 21 July 2005 - 12:29 | reply