~ feet and nails ~

11 July 2005
my left foot
foot sketch on June 25th

this sketch was done a few weeks ago (yep, June 25th). but my left foot still look like that, along with its bends and bumps.

i’m thinking of getting manicure and pedicure. trimming my nails, both hands and feet, become a hassle, since they’ve become brittle and easy to split. but i’ve always hesitated right before i walk into one of those nail spa counters in the malls. bad experience taught me that some not-so-good nail spas could dig into your cuticles so deep that it starts bleeding. even when i’m sitting at my regular nail salon’s seat back in Jakarta, i still get nervous and tensed when they clean up the cuticles. i guess i’m worried about getting hurt too much.

but if you know a good place to get your nails clean and done here in Singapore, please let me know.

anyways, related to the sketchbook, we’re going to Kinokuniya today to buy some cards and gift wrap paper. i’m going to buy my black Mitsubishi pen, too. mine only has about 5 millimeters of ink left and that brand of pen (which is my favorite and i’ve been using the same brand for over 5 years) is only sold here in Kinokuniya. or at least, i haven’t found it anywhere else.