~ bangs cut ~

19 September 2006

on my last two hair cuts, i went to a new hair salon. different than the meany hairdresser. it was a girl. a very pretty girl. she was thin, taller than me, with long flowy hair, big round eyes… very pretty. i couldn’t help staring at her while she cut my hair. ari thinks i had a crush on her…

yesterday, i had a haircut. to my disappointment, my usual girl has left the hair salon. so i had to go for a different girl. she’s not as pretty as the other girl, but still cute nonetheless. she also cuts very well.

the only problem is that she refused to cut my bangs short. she keeps saying that it won’t look good. but the thing is, i ALWAYS have my bangs short. very short. like, an inch above my brows.

ah well. so, i got lazy arguing, and ended up dying my hair darker and had small part of it bleached. today, i asked ari to put some color into the bleached part.


it looks like i’m wearing colored hair extension, hehehe.

anyways, i may have to look for another place where the hairdresser won’t mind cutting short bangs… or i just cut it myself.