~ haircut ~

06 February 2006

finally, after months and months of no haircut (unless you count the time when i cut my fringe by leaning over the toilet bowl with no mirror — resulting in a very crooked and too short fringe), i finally get a haircut.

this time, i went to a different hairdresser. my old hairdresser located pretty far from where i live and and it’s a hassle to go changing busses and trains. so, i decided to try one of those crazy hairdressers in Far East Plaza.

Far East Plaza is packed with hair salons. it also has many many tattoo parlors, funky clothing stores and nail spas. i was told that most of the hairdressers in Far East Plaza are excellent.

i went early to avoid the lines. originally, i only wanted to get a trim and fringe cut. but the girl who handled me was very pretty. she was young and had huge pretty eyes. she had long brown hair (maybe it’s an extension? the hair salon specialized in putting extensions) with bright red highlight. oooh, i want that (the huge eyes and the hair…)!

so i told her that i want to cut my bangs and leave the hair length the same. i was satisfied with the cut. this is exactly what i want. so i went ahead and asked her if she could dye my hair…

“sure, what color do you have in mind?”

“your color… can i have your color?”

“oh… sure!”

then, she started to show me the color swatches she used. i went for the slightly darker brown. i ended up spending 4 hours in the salon. but i liked the result. i think i’ll go there next time i need hair styling.

haircut 060206

~ comment (4) ~

keren Thal warnanya.. gw juga rambut jadi coklat bgt nih, sejak di-rebonding. aslina emang ga item.. tp skrg jadi sering kena tuduh dicat :D. padahal udah 2 taun ga ngecat rambut :P

yanti | 9 February 2006 - 10:05 | reply

oh pantesan kok rambut elo lurus ya… rajin bonding ya? gue sih kerjanya ngecat rambut mulu, hihihi. aslinya item banget (dan masih tetep item sekarang). cuman lagi senang berambut coklat :D

thalia | 9 February 2006 - 10:59 | reply

cakep euy:) love the color and the style.

novs | 11 February 2006 - 10:50 | reply

asiiik, tenkyu tenkyu :)

thalia | 12 February 2006 - 10:10 | reply