~ jakarta day 3: GG Guest House ~

19 August 2006

after that, we drove to GG House, a guest-house that belongs to a friend of ari’s parents. the guest-house is small, surrounded with green, lush plants and located near the river. it reminds me to Rumah Tanah Baru, the place where ari and i held our wedding party. very serene and beautiful.

GG House

GG House

we ended up sitting around and being lazy… the lush garden and the cool breeze made us sleepy. we had to drink some coffee to wake us up before leaving for Sentul again.

before it got dark, we drove back to Sentul. ari’s dad drove us around the area and showed us some crazy big mansions. those mansions seem to have certain themes. some looks like a Barbie house — pink walls and all. some looks like a medieval castle wanna-be. one of them has “Texas Ranch” theme going on with cactus and gravels. we even met a deer laying around on the grass near one of those mansions…

before heading back to the house, we had dinner in a Sundanese restaurant nearby. even though the electricity went out for a little bit and the rain poured like there is no tomorrow, the food was quite delicious: babat goreng, ayam kalasan, sayur asem, tahu goreng


we also ordered the signature dish of all Sundanese Restaurant: Gurame Goreng, which is a deep fried Gurame fish.


the red stuff on the side is sambal (chili). yep, it’s covered in chili. it is soooo crispy that the fish can stand by itself. you can eat the bones and the fins because the whole fish is dry and crispy. you eat them with sambal and hot steamed rice. it’s delicious :)

photo album of the trip is in Flickr: Jakarta/Bogor Aug 2006

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Ooooohhhhhh fried gurame with hot steamed rice and sambal lalapan… my idea of heaven right now… :)

yasmina | 23 August 2006 - 05:56 | reply

yeah, i wouldn’t mind having it for today’s lunch either… :P

thalia | 26 August 2006 - 01:23 | reply