~ jakarta day 3: Bogor’s market and food ~

19 August 2006

on the third day, we went to stay overnight at ari’s family house at Sentul with his parents. Bonny, their rottweiler, tagged along.

after dropping off Bonny at the house, we went to Bogor to treat ourselves with some local food. we drove to the Bogor Market area and sat on one of the little food shops. ari’s parents wanted to treat us with Soto Babat Bakut a la Ciseeng.


i’ve never tried it before, so i was surprised how delicious it was… the soup was rather light and salty, in contrast with the tripe and meat. very nice. that black stuff is fried shallot and spring onion.

ari also ordered Es Cincau Hijau.


it’s made out of Cincau leaf that is submerged in water over a period of time. the leaf will excrete somekind of sap that forms jello-like substance. that’s what cincau is… and it’s yummy.

we walked around the market for a little bit after meal, doing some snack shopping and take some photos. the people were very friendly… they all wanted to be in the picture! how cute!

Bogor Market Bogor Market Bogor Market Bogor Market

photo album of the trip is in Flickr: Jakarta/Bogor Aug 2006

~ comment (2) ~

did u try the ngohiang? It’ so good !!! Ooh..I love bogor’s food. The soto kuning, pangsit pengantin, pepes, bakmi sahabat etc. I night there, dijamin 2 kilo naik :D

monic | 24 August 2006 - 12:40 | reply

wah, gue malah ampir ga pernah makan di Bogor. maklum, orang bandung sih… hehe.

kemaren juga ada pangsit pengantin, tpai ga dicoba… tapi emang soto babat yang gue coba itu sih extremely delicious!

thalia | 26 August 2006 - 01:22 | reply