~ jakarta day 1+2: arriving and wedding ~

18 August 2006

we left Singapore early and arrived in Jakarta around 9:30AM. ari’s parents picked us up and immediately drove us to El Toro have some sate kambing and soto betawi.i particularly like this small restaurant because you can pick what to add to the soto. ari had his full of cow meat. i, of course, add some tripes and cow brain. i like those stuff.

and then, i spent the rest of the day on the bed, sleeping… it’s amazing how well i slept that day. i haven’t been able to sleep well in the past few weeks. work has been bothering me and kept me awake. in Jakarta, however, i sort of switched in to vacation mode and kept the work thoughts away. and that, my friend, helped me to get rid of my insomnia…

anyways, if you asked me where are the food pictures, well, i’m sorry… i was soooo hungry and excited over the meal, that i forgot to take pictures on the first day.

the next day, i did better. ari and i went to Bakmi Pinangsari with ari’s mom and grandmother. i had their bakmi pangsit.

Bakmi Pinangsari

and ari ordered extra pangsit goreng.

Bakmi Pinangsari's pangsit goreng

funny how i miss this kind of noodle. it’s pretty hard to find noodle served this way outside of Indonesia. chinese noodles in singapore isn’t cooked this way. and i don’t think they cook their friend dumplings (pangsit goreng) the same way here in Singapore.

anyways, the reason for this trip was my cousin’s wedding. unfortunately, i forgot to bring the camera to the wedding. i guess i was too busy putting make up and getting dressed up.

the wedding itself was fun. getting together with family is always refreshing and makes me happy. weddings are like huge family reunions. i met people who i haven’t seen for over 15 years.

unfortunately, my mom was sick and couldn’t make it to the wedding. and i didn’t get to see her :(

photo album of the trip is in Flickr: Jakarta/Bogor Aug 2006

~ comment (6) ~

gile enak bnaget itu makanannya.. btw thanks banget vox nya.. gue blon sempet liat.. sibuk banget nih.. terus.. selamat ulang taun buat ari!

Rani | 23 August 2006 - 09:03 | reply

santai aja, ran. cuman, kalo ga jadi dipake invite voxnya, kasih tau gue aja, oks?

thalia | 23 August 2006 - 01:58 | reply

bakmi pangsitnya keliatannya enak banget..duh jadi laper :(

andy | 23 August 2006 - 11:09 | reply

emang enaaaaak! (jadi laper juga…)

thalia | 23 August 2006 - 02:00 | reply

btw, the owner of el toro is my next door neighbor. Gue juga suka soto dia.

Kok sama yah, makannya di bakmi pinangsari. Sekarang dia buka cabang ga terlalu jauh dari rumah gue otherwise kalo ke daerah pinangsia sana males dah. Unless sunday mornin’

monic | 23 August 2006 - 12:39 | reply

hmm, i think you live close to where ari’s parents live. soalnya, kita juga makannya di bakmi pinangsari yang di taman ratu. bukan yang di pinangsia (jauuuuuuh!).

thalia | 23 August 2006 - 02:02 | reply