~ Jakarta day 4 ~

20 August 2006
the date on this entry will be adjusted to its real date (20 august 2006) once all the Jakarta Trip entries are up.

we had to wake up early because the plan was to leave Sentul around 9 in the morning and go straight to my grandmother house. my family is having a small gathering there.

bonny, ari’s rottie, woke us up.


she was busy running around the yard, teasing and scaring people who passes by. she’s huge! not only she’s big black dog, she’s a little on the chubby side, too… and she seemed to enjoy barking at random people.

ari’s parents dropped us off at Noushka’s house. from there, ari, noush, ticia and i went to my grandma’s house.

oma — that’s how i call my grandmother — has 3 dogs (used to be four, but the other one was just passed away). this is the latest one, Pirat — a one-eyed pug.


supposedly, there was an accident that caused Pirat to lose his eye when he was still in the pet shop. my grandma felt bad and bought him. he’s a happy and cheerful dog. Pirat means pirate (i think it’s in dutch?)/ so, he’s a one-eyed pirate ;)

and this is Vodka.


this is Vodka. he’s a mongrel and has been living with my grandma for… gosh… maybe 12 years? i’m not sure. but he’s old. his back legs do not function the way they are supposed to… and due to his old age, he’s been sick a lot. but despite of that, he’s probably the most gentle and well-behaved dog i’ve ever met.

she also has another dog called Esko, a daschund. but before i could take picture of him, he ran to the back to play with Pirat…

other than dogs, she also has a pretty large garden. considering that she’s 80 years old, living by herself in such large house, the garden is extremely well maintained.


her plants are happier than my plants — green, leafy, flowery… and the size of my garden is only about 1/20th of her’s. how embarassing…

orchidflowerflowerorchidflowerflowerflowerflowerorchidbougenvillehibiscusflowerkemboja baliorchidflowerorchid

anyways, while we’re at Oma’s house, we had lunch, played board games and took photos of the flowers. and there was also a rat hunting episode. the poor old rat was chased by 8 adults armed with sticks and brooms around the backyard… he had no chance to come out alive…

around 5PM, we bummed a ride with Noushka and Ticia, who’s also leaving to do their weekend grocery shopping. they dropped us off at Tendean, where we continue to ari’s home with a cab. we only had around 15 minutes to pack up before ari’s parents drove us to the airport.

we arrived at Changi close to midnight. Koda was soooo happy to see us that she kept jumping around all night.

photo album of the trip is in Flickr: Jakarta/Bogor Aug 2006

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I love your blog! I was wondering if you would be willing to send me the pattern to your white scarf.


federikke | 28 August 2006 - 10:02 | reply