~ regex and livejournal ~

10 February 2006

many of you know that i syndicate this journal with a livejournal account. the syndication allows entries from this journal to show up to livejournal user’s “friends page”. earlier this year, livejournal decided to change their URL system from:




i’m all for the change. i like shorter URL better than a long complicated ones. but it gave me one problem: images i stored on expiration date’s directory wouldn’t show up on livejournal, instead showing “you are stealing bandwith” image.

oops… my bad. i have image hot-linking protection on this journal. if you try to hot-link images stored within expiration date, you’ll get an image that says “you are stealing bandwith” instead. by the way, most of perpetrators are from Xanga and My Space. anyways, i allow a few domains to hot-link images from me, though. they are forums that i frequently participate, rss services sites and livejournal. with the old livejournal URL, it was no problem.

but now, i couldn’t figure out how to allow “all subdomains from a certain domain” added on my htaccess. i suck at regex.

so, last night, after bugging iyay and gina to help me out writing the .htaccess file, i finally got it worked out.

check out the explanation on whinetasting.com, which gina found for me. it goes through line-by-line explanation of the .htaccess file. it’s very helpful…

so, thank you, G… i’ll make you crocheted doll… hee hee.

~ comment (2) ~

o, jadi waktu itu kemungkinan kamu mau tanya aku ya.. ?
sorry internetku lagi payah, dan deva pengen dikelonin bapaknya :)

godote | 11 February 2006 - 02:00 | reply

iya, hehe. sekalian mo ngomongin soal proyek :)

thalia | 11 February 2006 - 03:36 | reply