~ farm news… ~

09 February 2006

first of all, i got an email from Ang that Mizuka has arrived safely at her home. yay! it’s always a good news to hear that the farm members reaches their destination safely.

second news is a little too late. i put Pocki up for adoption on the Farm late late last night. it was so late that i was too sleepy to put the update on this journal. so i thought i put it up today, after i catch some sleep.

well, it was too late. when i woke up, i got an email saying that Pocki has been adopted by liz (thank you, liz!). whoa, that’s probably the quickest adoption ever… Pocki holds the record! go Pocki (or Bleach, that is).

third news: the farm made appearance on the PixelSurgeon news and Inksurge pick on the Wellvetted… wow, ari and i are speechless… thank you, thank you!

~ comment (2) ~

I’ll take good care of her. :) Thanks!

Ang | 10 February 2006 - 06:24 | reply

aw, i’m sure you will :) thank you for adopting her!

thalia | 11 February 2006 - 12:13 | reply