~ dead printer ~

10 February 2006

well, our HP printer just died. yesterday, as i printing the cards for the Farm Members, the printer just stopped working. we worked on it all night and continued this morning. we were panicking because i was supposed to send the farm members today, but i couldn’t print the card. more importantly, ari has presentation with client and had to print a few logos… but there is nothing we could do. the printer was about four years old, so the warranty has expired long time ago. the HP website was not much help either.

so we tossed the damn thing out. it’s now in the trash can, waiting for the garbage men to pick it up tomorrow…

after the client meeting (which we ended up showing their logos only on the laptop), we went to Funan Centre and bought another printer. we now have a canon printer, which hopefully will work better…

this also means that we’re going to stop the sewing machine hunt until next month… the budget has been spent on the printer.

so, i apologize for the late sending of the farm member. they will be sent out tomorrow, i promise.