~ shophouse mug ~

02 July 2005

i don’t think i’ve ever posted my birthday present from Ari two years ago. i got a large shophouse mug, made by ari himself. i love it!

shophouse mug

two years ago, ari and nia went to a friend’s clay shop where they learn how to make stuff out of clay… and came out with these. well, not literally. because you have to wait a few days to get it baked and painted.

but the idea is, ari and i wanted to (someday) buy a Singapore Shophouse, which we would like to decorate and make it pretty. we like the classic look of it and its high ceiling interior.

shophouse mug

the mug interior is nowhere near the real one. but it’s still too big for us to use. it’s a large mug. i think it’s more suitable to use as a soup mug. but so far, we haven’t used it. we keep it as a a part of decoration.


shophouse mug

someday, we’ll have the real-sized one. but for now, i think the small-sized ceramic one is very cute! especially when he made this by hand, as his first and only clay project. aww.