~ colors and textures ~

30 June 2005

the past few days, including today, has been gray and bland. over-worked, exhausted, stressed, and unhappy. so i need to color my life and give it textures… basically, think happy thoughts. and this is my happy thought.

healthy food

a few days ago, we went to a health restaurant called Aiwo down near the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. i think they have another bigger restaurant at the Raffless Mall. ari’s been there a for lunch when he still worked at Ogilvy. and he said, the food was exceptionally good for healthy food type. you know, the type of food that only use olive oil, low-fat proteins/carbs, and all meals are designed by nutritionist. at that time, i was in the mood to eat that kind of food (you know, i’m a junk-food craver). so we went.

blue wall

colorful and textured walls. perfect for the current need of happy thoughts.

stony wall

and, yep. tasty food! i didn’t know that you can make such tasty food with such bland material. ari had fish, which was excellent, and i had chicken, which was one of the best tasting chicken i’ve tried. it was served in european style, with only greens.

they also have somekind of healthy food train (kinda like sushi train), where a small dishes of food are going around to all tables on a conveyor-belt. supposedly, each dish only contains 50 calories — that’s what the manager said… he took his time to have long conversations with us.

but what’s more surprising is that the price is as low as the fat served on those meal. our check amount was just a few dollars more than those we spent in Kopitiam for lunch.

what a healthy good deal.