~ toshiko’s visit ~

05 July 2005

ah, two entry-less days after a full month of daily stories… well, actually, i’ve been doing well for a month and a half. i at least added one entry per day… although, i can’t speak of the quality.

anyways, my cousin, Toshiko, was in the city over the weekend. so i spent most of the time out of the house (which is a good thing) and into the mall (which is not so good for the wallet). she left Sunday evening, after entertaining us with her stories of when she visited Thailand, Jordan and Kuwait a few months ago. ooh, i wanna go see those places too!

she also brought us two long-awaited goodies: our wedding DVDs (and, boy… Marthin and crew did a real good job on it! i may write a separate entry about this…) and the a+ magazine where i was featured as one of *ahem* Confessions of 101+ Inspiring People… (thanks, epel!)

look, ma! i’m in a magazine!

a+ magz

heh heh heh…