~ sentosa adventure ~

12 June 2005

ari and i have been wanting to go see the Underwater World for some time. so, today we decided to go there and check it out. the Underwater World is located in Sentosa, a little touristy island on the south of Singapore. the island is usually extra-packed with people sunbathing and family with kids, especially during weekends and holidays. so, today might not be the best time for us — who have plenty of time during weekdays — to go to Sentosa. but oh well… we have nothing to do today anyway…

we took a cab and went straight to the Underwater World. of course, there are lines to enter, but it’s still within our patience limit. and we really want to see the nautilus! we love that thing so much, that we dedicated a layout just for it. so, we met them…


we took so many pictures today, that we had to separate them into three different albums.

the first album is the Underwater World photo album. so many fish… but the rooms are very dark, so it’s a little hard to take photos. i didn’t want to use flash, because they reflect on the aquarium glass wall. but without flash, all the moving fish become a blob of blur.

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail

anyways, my favorite creatures are the nautilus and the jellyfish. jellyfish are soooo photogenic!

the second album is the Dolphin Lagoon & Palawan Beach album. the ticket to go into the Underwater World comes with a complimentary ticket to see the pink dolphin show at Dolphin Lagoon. supposedly, these pink dolphins only exist in South East Asia. and they’re so pink! they were born gray and as they get older, they grow pink spots that eventually cover their whole body… if they get really old. the show is just like any other dolphin shows… petting, jumping through the hoops etc. but the pink dolphins are so cute! they seem to be friendly too. maybe, when the Dolphin Lagoon isn’t so crowded, i would like to pet the dolphin and have picture taken with them :)

after the dolphin show, we walked around the Palawan Beach, which supposedly the Asia continent’s closest point of the equator… i kinda doubt it, because Singapore is an island, right? if it was an island, it shouldn’t be considered a part of Asia continent… no? i think Johor might be the Southernmost point of Asia continent… but then again, i may be wrong.

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail

the walk was long and tiring, because we tried to get to the Merlion statue, but the place was closed due to construction. there were constructions everywhere in Sentosa… i think they’re building new monorails there, since the old one has been closed and torn down.

so we took a bus to the top of Sentosa, planning to take the Cable Car back to the mainland. but we got distracted as we saw the sign for Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom. we went in there, and this is the third (and, thank god, last) photo album. if you don’t like insects, don’t look in this album. there are tons of them.

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail

ari has been wanting to have beetle pet. his number one choice would be a Goliath beetle. but i wasn’t too excited about the idea. so, we haven’t had one since then.

i think we took most pictures here. there were so many amusing looking bugs. and since most of them are dead, it’s easy to take photos of them.

when we got out of the Insect Kingdom, the time has already over 6 o’clock. and the Cable Car has stopped running. damn. so we took the bus to go back to the Harbour Front, stopped by the mall to have dinner (Japanese ramen), and headed home by MRT.

gosh, i’m so tired. but i leave you with this Gigantic Durian.

gigantic durian