~ today + shaun inman ~

13 June 2005

ow, Shaun Inman site got a new look! clean as always and it’s damn pretty. check out the navigation bar…

okay, i just have to say that before going to bed. i’m too sleepy. Yaya and Evelyn are in Singapore, so we met up and hung out with a few of their friends (Nina, Agung and Mel). they brought us our official wedding photo album and the CDs containing tons of our wedding photos — yep, Evelyn and Yaya are our wedding photographer… check out their sites!

there are 6 CDs. we’re not even done looking at it. we’d like to post some of the photos, though… so hopefully, in a few days, some of those beautiful photos will be up on the site.

meanwhile, i’m going to bed. hehe… *yawn*