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this site is closed and will not be updated. we have launched the new version, so please check it out at avocadolite.com. thanks.
4/29/2001 01:49:31 AM

update on condiments. now you can download our first ICQ skin. enjoy!
3/18/2001 12:24:36 AM

wow, look! we on the front page of www.perfect.co.uk!
2/24/2001 12:13:00 PM

New splash page! Can't wait till summer so we can have a picnic out in the park.
2/18/2001 03:19:45 AM

for the past two weeks, ari and i are have been on vacation. we're out of the country, spending our time in our home in Indonesia. so, if we haven't been writing back the emails, we apologize. our flight back to New York is leaving tonight, so we will be back by Sunday. and we promise to reply all the emails... have a good weekend!
1/20/2001 01:22:51 AM

today, avocadolite.com is the "featured site of the day" at Master Web Indonesia. yay! ma kasih ya...
1/6/2001 11:27:36 AM

expiration date is no longer using blogger. and it has a new face too!
12/31/2000 10:54:30 AM

guess what! we got a new project for you to browse around. check out E-CARDS and send some holiday cards to your friends.
12/20/2000 11:14:12 PM

finally, after two months, we got a new splash page for the site.
12/19/2000 10:29:28 PM

My team at concrete launched our MoMA project - Open Ends. Yay! Go check it out.
11/21/2000 11:20:45 AM

expiration date changed layout. let us know what you think, ok?
10/23/2000 11:12:44 PM

our new project, condiments, is up! it's where we put our wallpapers and screensavers. go take a look!

and did you notice that we got a new splash page?
10/20/2000 11:46:06 PM

Netdiver Network listed us in their "worth diving" area this time. Good resource for looking at what other people are doing these days.
10/8/2000 12:02:47 PM

finally, Bolt's new front page launched! i'm so excited...
9/18/2000 04:14:05 PM

oh, look... avocadolite.com is reviewed on Astounding Websites!
9/14/2000 05:36:26 PM

new splash! copied from ari's kit robot that he made when he was 10. the kit's real color is actually brown. if anyone knows what anime series this robot came from, please let us know. we'd like to learn more about him and his family.
9/4/2000 11:29:39 PM

fixed the nautilus flash. change background option works fine now and we decreased the CPU load and file size. yay!
8/31/2000 01:13:55 AM

thanks for all the birthday emails y'all.
8/23/2000 10:36:33 PM

happy birthday, ari! he's turning 26 today... so, his email address is ari@avocadolite.com. *hint hint*...
8/22/2000 12:09:44 AM

we're linked at threeoh! what a way to start our day...
8/9/2000 03:02:35 PM

new and better splash page!
8/6/2000 09:32:04 PM

now the background is changeable to which ever scenery you like. still there are bugs in the flash though... next time:music
8/3/2000 12:28:07 AM

let's assume this is a SOFT LAUNCH...
8/1/2000 03:10:22 PM

finally, we're done! the new site is up and we've got 15 minutes to spare...yay! there's still some bugs on the flash, but we can fix them as we go along.
7/31/2000 11:45:14 PM

man, it looks like we're gonna be late in launching the site. the flash is not done yet, and the directories are still a mess... =(
7/31/2000 10:02:31 AM

ok, i guess the redesign is almost done. we only need a splash, to fix the flash and move couple directories.
7/30/2000 09:51:10 PM

I've been thinking of getting a cell phone. A samsung 8500, to be exact. It should be cooler than thalia's 3500.
4/30/2000 08:49:53 PM

guess what! our interview on Toekang Web is up! woo hoo! i just think we need some indonesia dictionary next time.
4/29/2000 04:12:32 PM

i got a new cellphone! horray for mee! YAY! it's the Samsung 3500 (or something like that). it's silverish color, has a flippy thing, and it's a web ready phone! what more can i ask? i'm now in touch with everything. and i'm hip too! heh.
4/22/2000 10:11:23 PM

avocadolite.com is redesigning right now. so, we don't really update anything on the site. sorry!
4/21/2000 11:08:28 PM

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e-cards: send some random fun ideas to your friends!

condiments: add extra flavors to your daily lives with avocadolite.com's wallpapers and screensavers.

yobot: your very own customizable mini fighting machine!

expiration date: thalia's small talk, journal & weblog.

avocado graphics: collection of free graphics. it's download spree!

flyers: origami taken to the next level.

lightbox: ari's personal stuff & portfolio





avocadolite.com (a storage of random fun ideas) is a place where we play around and show off. hehehe. basically, we like graphic design. so the content of this entire site is just a big excuse for us to design something.

since we're not programmers, special thanks to:
bratta for the DHTML scroller.
blogger for the news managing station.

and just in case you wanna know, this site is hosted at dreamhost's server, built using both Mac and PC, IE and Netscape.

anyways, enjoy your visit and feel free to share your thoughts.

ari & thalia.