~ Tasogare Seibei ~

28 May 2005
well, sorry guys, but this is another movie story. i’ve been catching up with the 2 years of movie-less. so, here i come…

one of the movies that just sat over the DVD player unwatched was Tasogare Seibei (also known as Twilight Samurai). and before i go around the internet to find pictures, i didn’t know that this movie was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in Academy Awards. cool.

anyways, today is the first day of Great Singapore Sale. this means, the area around the apartment, mainly Orchard, is crazy crowded. the thought if walking around that area was way to appalling. so again, we decided to watch the Twilight Samurai.


the movie was great! a little slow, but generally, Japanese dramas have slow pace. yep, i said it’s a drama. even though it’s a samurai movie, i personally think the story is geared toward drama. the fighting was kept to minimal (but still nicely choreographed). about the storyline… let’s just say you don’t see that many Samurai movies with this kind of storyline.


this little girl on the right is the cutest thing in the movie. she’s one of the daughters of the samurai and she has the chubbiest and brightest pink cheeks i’ve ever seen. ari and i went oohs and aahs every time she appear on the screen. she is five years old and has an older sister in the movie, who’s also very pretty for a 10 year-old girl.

it’s a beautiful movie. it’s a good piece for us to have in our collection. however, it hasn’t replaced Mibu gishi den as my all time favorite Samurai movie…. (or was it Rashomon? ah, i don’t know…)