~ Steamboy ~

27 May 2005


last night, after i wrote the last entry, ari and i finally watched our Steamboy. we’ve had the VCD for over two weeks, but didn’t have time to watch it… (actually, there are four more movies we bought, and just sit next to our TV, collection dust). so, yeah… we’re about two years late… hehehe.


anyways, Steamboy is the latest animation from Katsuhiro Otomo, the man behind the famous Japanese animation, AKIRA. Steamboy — as i expected — was amazing. beautiful pictures (but i’m sure that’s what people expect from Otomo’s work). the design gets me to fantasize about cool retro machines… and i adore the story…

this movie has been out for a while, even the American version (i wonder how it looks like….). so, the review has been all over the internet. most of the reviews says:

  1. pretty picture — some maybe overdone that it distract the attention from the story… but that’s okay, because:
  2. it lacks of storyline. especially near the end of the movie. supposedly, things drags forever… or something.

however, i don’t agree to most of the reviews. i thought the graphics was not distracted at all. honestly, i keep forgetting to pay attention to the graphics (Otomo is famous for the graphics).

and the story? i enjoy the pace of the movie. i thought it was coherent and interesting. i even think that this movie is much more coherent and has a better storyline than the AKIRA movie. AKIRA confused me. and i realized why it was confusing after reading the manga…

so, ari and i plan to buy the DVD. the VCD doesn’t do justice… (hm, maybe that’s why i didn’t think the graphic was not overdone… VCD quality sucks!)