~ IKEA trip & bug invasion ~

26 May 2005

today, surprisingly, ari and i have no homework to do. we’ve been so busy with work that when we have a day where both of us do not have to do work, it’s like a long-awaited holiday. so, why don’t you guess where we spend our holiday…?

DING DING DING… you’re the winner, sir. it’s IKEA!

i wasn’t sure why we decided to go there, but we both were excited nonetheless. today is a good day to visit IKEA, since during weekends, it’s so crowded that you have to be in line to try out one of their sofas on display.

so we went, we daydreamed about our new home-office, window shopping for new tables and swivel chairs… and we also did a real shopping. basically, we came home with 3 regular-size plastic bag, and 2 big ones. they’re so much cheaper compare to the goods we found around the area we live in… (of course. Orchard is soooo over-priced!).

so, what did we get?

  • shiny clock for our bare wall.
  • desk lamp. it’s a long overdue item to buy. our working area is on the darkest corner of the apartment.
  • two container boxes. small ones. they made out of metal. we had these before in different colors.
  • a bed sheet and matching pillow cases.
  • that squishy thing to put on the bottom of table legs and chair legs, so that it doesn’t make screeching sound when you drag it around… we don’t know what they called.
  • three coasters.
  • two new plants… we’re addicted to plants.
  • four pretty plant pots for our other plants. we wanted to buy more, but the big ones are not as pretty as we wanted them to be.

we didn’t take any pictures, though. we were too tired of shopping that we went straight to bed as we finished unpacking. .

but anyways, our working area is so bright, i can finally see ari’s face. yay!

bug update: about the yesterday’s moth… it didn’t go away this morning! it stays in our kitchen, on our floor. i thought it was dead. but by the time we got home from IKEA, it had moved to the curtains. we finally decided to get rid of it so we can wash our last night’s dishes. we practically threw it out of the window. that’s okay. it can fly….

but we’ve been getting sooo many bugs around the house lately. last night, before we went to bed, we found out there were about a hundred ants crawling around our bathroom… dead moths are prefect dinner for the ants. and today, there was one cockroach in our living room… argh! what’s going on!?!?

i think i’ll do a big clean up tomorrow.