~ homes and samurai movie ~

01 January 2005

we’re currently researching homes. ari and i are thinking of either buying or renting home in a near future. so, we gladly take any invitations to people’s home, which we consider as a part of our research…

today, we visited Rani’s and Indi’s home. it turned out to be a very nice home! it’s located around Buona Vista area, and literally in the middle of the woods. the housing complex falls under the Black and White house category, which used to be British Troops barracks during the colonial period of Singapore. these houses, just like the shophouses in this country, are under government supervision and conservation. these B&W houses are not for sale. thus, we can only rent them.

ari loves big trees and they have plenty of them. i love high ceiling homes, and they do have them. the way Indi and Rani decorate their living space made me wanting to stay there forever… each building is divided into six apartment, three on the ground floor, three on the second floor. the ground floor apartments get a small but cute share of garden, the top floor ones get high ceiling. they’re spacey and have old flair to it, which we like. the neighbors are friendly, which doesn’t happen often here in Singapore. we can have pets and the rent is affordable, too.

of course, there are a few flaws, other than the only-rent condition: no cable… but we don’t have cable right now, and we’re cool with it. although ari loves TVs, i personally don’t watch tv very often and can live without it… the other thing is it’s pretty far from everything. there is a 500 meters walk to the bus. that also means we need to learn to use busses. knowing how lazy we are, we’re going to end up calling cabs everytime we leave the house… ouch, wallet!

in the evening, ari and i stayed home and watch a very good movie: Mibu Gishi Den (When the Last Sword Is Drawn). i was surprised that i’ve never heard of this movie before. it won Japan Academy Awards in 2004 as Best Picture. i think it won Best Actor and Supporting Actor, too. i laughed and cried along with the movie… (yep, cried… geez, i’ve been liking sappy movies lately). it sets during the time close to the Meiji Restoration, similar to the time period of the famous Tom Cruise’s Last Samurai. Shinsen-Gumi and all… if you can get a hold of this movie, go watch it.

anyways, Rani and Indi… thanks for letting us come and visit your lovely home! the Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin is terrific, and not too spicy :) and ari enjoyed the coffee very much. come visit us when you have time…

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buuuu, lagi house-hunting, nih? hihi, you and ari are sure getting down to business straight after the wedding… good luck with the house hunt… if it’s only me and robert, i don’t mind living in a flat, but if we have kids, we’d get someplace with a garden…

yasmina | 2 January 2005 - 01:59 | reply

hehe, ngga terburu2 kok. kalo bisa dekorasi dan hias2 rumah baru, kan asik… ;)

thalia | 5 January 2005 - 02:11 | reply

so what do i have to do to make you move today? haha do i sound like a salesman or what? anyways, we’d love to have you as our neighbors. PS: no no you won’t have to baby sit for us.

indi soemardjan | 3 January 2005 - 02:01 | reply

how about more free food? haha, if we do move there, i think i’d love to babysit, anyway… consider it as a training :P

thalia | 5 January 2005 - 02:17 | reply

thal, do you know morn1ngdew? she stay in sinjapo now, maybe u can have a little chat about house.

yoel | 4 January 2005 - 02:02 | reply

wah, umm… ngga kenal tuh. trus, mo kenalan, malu… hihihi.

thalia | 5 January 2005 - 02:18 | reply