~ the tsunami ~

03 January 2005

it’s been a little over a week, and the death toll keeps rising. at this moment, they’ve confirmed over 140,000 people have lost their lives. i’m sure the deaths are actually more than double the count, considering how tough the terrain to find the bodies.

here are some links related to the disaster:

  1. Tsunami Relief by Google
    it lists many places where you can send help and donate. at this point, money is needed more than anything else. i was talking to Indi, who helped organizing relief from Singapore. he said the clothes and food are piled up at the Indonesian Embassy, and they’re having headache to find ways to transport it. more money is needed to rent more planes and helicopters to transport the goods.
    oh, along the same lines, please don’t treat this as a chance to clean up your closet… i don’t think the tsunami victims need a tie or two at this moment.
  2. 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake on Wikipedia
    comprehensive and amazing amount of information regarding the earthquake and the tsunami. it’s very up-to-date, too!
  3. Indonesia Help
    focusing mostly on resources and aids for Indonesia’s victims. some posts are in Indonesians.

of course, the disaster itself is more than devastating, but the statement from Indonesia’s ambassador to Malaysia makes me dizzy and want to throw up… estimated 400,000 deaths on those villages!?! dear god, it’s just too much!