~ Brisbane Part 2 ~

09 January 2004

yesterday, on the way back from Surfer’s Paradise, we passed through a Koala Sanctuary. that gave me this urge of seeing koalas in person. so today, after consulting with Noushka, we decided to go check out the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (check out their website… they have neat stuff about info koalas and Australia in general).

after getting lost a few times, we had breakfast in Eagle Pier. the weather wasn’t that excellent, so we headed off to the sanctuary as soon as we finished eating. the sky cleared up as we drove to the sanctuary, which is a good thing. i was amused that we only got lost once until we got to Lone Pine.

there is not much to say except that the koalas are sooooooo cute! some random thoughts of the trip:

  • ari got a new obsession: wombat
  • kangoroo has scary, long, knife-look-alike nails and very powerful muscles
  • wallabies are cute and very nice
  • wombats are lazy
  • tazmanian devil looks like a gigantic rat, but cuter
  • koalas’ fur isn’t as fluffy as i imagined
  • dingo looks like a regular dog. infact, it looks very similar to Balinese dogs
  • Australia has huge bats!
  • koalas are soooooo cuuuuuute!

so, check out the pictures. you can see how cute the koalas are.

after the koala trip, we went back home to take shower and pick up Noushka and Amanda from work to hang out. it’s Friday night :) after we had something to eat, we decided to go bowling. picked up Kelly at her house, then off we go bowling. poor ari, the only guy in a group… hehehe.

i’m a horrible bowler. i broke 100 once and there was one time when i couldn’t even go above 40. gutter is my friend. so, considering that, i did very well tonight: 88 for thalia. and it was noushka’s first time breaking 100. yipee!


after bowling, we took amanda home and the four of us went out the valley to get some drink. it was my first time hanging out with Kelly, and she is pretty cool. she had some amusing stories regarding cops, drugs, and mafia… scary, but amusing. and her boyfriend, matt, who’s spinning on a bar next door used to live in Singapore.

basically, we got home quite drunk.

~ comment (3) ~

and still we went out to the 24 hours shop to bought some ice creams… and we slept around 5AM… basically it was a long-excited-exhausted day for us…

noushka | 14 January 2004 - 02:02 | reply

ah, that’s right. i forgot all about the ice cream (how could i !?) thank goodness we could wake up late the next morning…

by the way, we have to do this more often ;)

thalia | 14 January 2004 - 08:31 | reply

I can’t believe you got to cuddle a real koala. they are so cute it’s unbearable.

happy new year!

pie | 16 January 2004 - 10:35 | reply