~ Brisbane Part 3 ~

10 January 2004

[backtracking entry]

today is our last day in Brisbane. since it’s saturday, Noush is having a day off. so we walked around the city, showing ari what Brisbane got (heh heh). actually, today was pretty laid back. we spent most of the time walking around and sitting and talking in cafes drinking coffee or tea. i didn’t feel like shopping. ari didn’t either. so, that was a good thing, cause we didn’t end up spending more money (the trip itself has taken most of our leisure money).

we even had time to watch half of the Animatrix, which i thought was pretty cool. i wish i could finish the movie, but we had to fly back to Melbourne.

the flight itself was nothing exciting, but the trip home once we landed was annoying. first of all, the taxi driver was a nut. he drove like it was his last hour to live… fast and reckless. i kept waiting for cops to pull him over. well, too bad it didn’t happen… i just getting sicker and sicker, i thought i was going to throw up in the cab.

to add it to our misery, the tunnel was closed. so, we had to go through the city. the cab driver couldn’t wait for red traffic lights. he just had to keep moving and turn somewhere. and as he decided to go through Swan Street, the road was closed as well. i could hear him grumbling the whole way to my house.

the trip home took us over an hour, and it’s not like we’re stuck in a rush hour or anything (we left the airport at 11 in the evening). and the cab fare was a little high. i was too tired and sleepy to bitch to the driver… i just wanted to hit the sack.

~ comment (2) ~

How about the comics that mba and ari bought, was it any good?
And just a reminder, i’ll be back (like Arnold S.) on the 24th of Jan…hehehe….

noushka | 14 January 2004 - 09:23 | reply

the one drawn by indonesian? it’s not bad. in fact, since the story is about “palasik”, it’s pretty neat. and not too scary.

ari was dissapointed with the Lupin III, though.

thalia | 14 January 2004 - 08:39 | reply