~ Brisbane Part 1 ~

08 January 2004

[backtracking entry]

our flight from Melbourne to Brisbane went well, which is a blessing. we both slept most of the time, since we didn’t get much sleep last night from cleaning up the house and packing. once we got to Brisbane, we rented a car. i wanted to rent a small, stick-shift car (cheapest), but there were none of them left. Thrifty said that we should’ve made a reservation since we’re still within a peak season. oh well, big Magna will do fine, then.

we drove straight to Gold Coast, which was soooooo packed! it took us almost an hour to find a parking spot, and we didn’t get a good spot either. i guess it’s true: it’s in the middle of summer… of course it’s a peak season. i bet most of the rented cars from the airport are currently fighting for parking spot along with us.


the weather wasn’t very pretty either. it was hot and hazy. we got very sticky real quick. instead of walking around the beach, we decided to get something to eat first. i don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but the waiter has a really blue eyeshadow and very pink lipstick. it was microsoft blue and barbie pink. i think it would be quite fine during regular day, but on the day as sticky as today, seeing her makes me feel even hotter.

we walked around the promanade, while i’m looking for a bikini top. along the way, we found a shooting range. it was too hot outside to play in the sun, so we thought we took a peek on the shooting range. besides, we thought it was kinda weird to have a shooting range in there.

but the shooting range looked so serious (nothing like a playful-beach-type of shooting range), so we chickened out. we played in the arcade instead.

after the sun has softened, we took a walk on the beach. the weather was still hazy and sticky if not more than earlier today. but it was a lot less hot.


ari wasn’t too impressed with Surfer’s Paradise. i guess he was hoping for a more beautiful beach, instead of a packed, commercial beach. and the pictures do not turn out well either. as a matter of fact, Surfer’s Paradise looks better on the pictures i took about half a year ago. oh well. i wished i had a bathing suit though.


we left around 4:30 in the afternoon, and got lost on the way to Noushka’s house… man, i never seem to remember the ways around City. thank god for the map.

we took shower and headed out for dinner. played a little more arcade afterwards, and headed home. we didn’t do much that night because Noushka still needs to be at work tomorrow morning.