~ brisbane (part 2) ~

17 May 2003

this trip is full of surprises: both good and bad.

i’ll start with the bad one: i lost my cellphone, last night at the cab on the way from the airport. *boohoohoo~~* there goes my address book. i don’t write people phone numbers on paper. i just enter them in the phone’s addy book. so, i lost everything now. not only that, i also lost all the cute phone straps and accessories that i’ve been collecting. i lost ringtones and wallpaper i made myself on that phone… *sobs*… oh, bummer :(

so, if i don’t answer your call this weekend, it’s because i have blocked the number. once i buy a new phone, could you let me know your number again? thanks …

now, the good news, right? on the way out of the theater after watching Matrix: Reloaded (which was a slight dissapointment - but that’s another story), i heard someone called my name… and it was Balfour! who is he, you ask… well, he was a co-worker at Bolt, a company that i used to work when i was still in New York. and surprise surprise… i bumped into him in Brisbane, Australia… a place that’s basically halfway around the world from New York. cool, eh?

too bad, we didn’t have time to catch stuff up, cause he was on the way into the theater to watch the same movie as we did. so we decided to catch up tomorrow instead.

once we’re home, it’s Joker Karo time, till 3 in the morning….