~ brisbane (part 3) ~

18 May 2003

today is the Dreamworld trip, where Noushka and i spent most of our time in the lane waiting for our turn on a ride. Dreamworld is an amusement part, kinda like Six Flags, but not from WB. so, it’s full with fun rides :) it’s about 45 minutes away from Brisbane, towards the famous Gold Coast.

today is also the first day i ever driven in Australia. and it’s not bad. it was the 4 of us - mom, dad, Noushka and i. too bad that i forgot to bring my camera. it was a perfect weather… not too cold, but not hot at all. perfect amusement part day… my parents, who were not into rides so much, took their time visiting the Big Brother studio in Dreamworld. boy, i didn’t know that Big Brother is that huge here in Australia… today is one of those eviction day (or whatever they call it). so my guess is most of the people who are in Dreamworld were there to watch the show live.

after the Dreamworld, we all drove back to Brisbane. after we took shower, Noush and i left to meet up with Balfour, who i bumped into yesterday. we went to this swanky little bar (i forgot what the name is) where we can sit outside, next to the river. it was a great place… we didn’t do much except talk until the bar closes… then we move to another bar in the Valley, called Ric’s (i think) and continue the talk until around 1am.

after that, i was way too tired to stay awake…