~ to brisbane (part 1) ~

16 May 2003

i was supposed to leave Melbourne at 4 in the afternoon, and arrive by flight at Brisbane at 6. but i was still in the Melbourne airport at 11pm! WTF?

well, due to the fog and haze in the area, the airport all over australia was a huge mess. flights are cancelled and delayed all over the place. mine was too. my first flight was cancelled, and i got moved to the flight which leave 4 hours after my cancelled flight. then, after waiting for 4 hours, they announced that the flight got delayed for another 3 hours. GAH!

i slept, ate, slept again, walked around the airport from one end to another, bought some magazines and candy… i tried anything and everything to keep myself entertained in that small and extremelly crowded airport. i wasn’t the only one who were bored to death. so many delayed flights… people slept on the gates, laid down and drink beer on the hallway… the airport looked like a bar: full of drunk and frustrated people.

i finally arrived at Brisbane around 2:30am the next day. *yawn*… what an exhausting trip…