~ crown torch show ~

19 February 2003

i manage to shop almost everyday! it is so true that when i’m not making money, i would spend money…. Noush and i just kept buying stuff, either they’re gifts for other people or for ourselves.

my dad, noush and i met up with my mom and my aunt to have dinner at Jasmine, a Thai restaurant on the ground floor of Crown complex, and watch the famous torch show thing. Crown complex is located on the side of Yarra river. they built a few of 12-feet (maybe taller) towers along the riverside. when it’s dark outside, each towers take turns in lighting up huge fireballs on its top. this show happens every hour for about 3-4 minutes. very cool to see! the reason why i’m explaining this is because my camera had ran out of battery when the show started. so… sorry, no pictures :(

ps: wrote two back-tracking entry: 02/13 and 02/14.

~ comment (3) ~

well..glenferrie is where laguna and nelayan are…:-) how lucky you are…:-)
st. kilda sea bath is worth to try in melbourne….

diah | 20 February 2003 - 06:40 | reply

wah tinggal di glen ferrie deket nelayan yahh? banyak orang indonesia kan..deket swinburne..oia udah liat air mancur yg di crown? keren lohh

ntonk | 21 February 2003 - 03:06 | reply

yep, i stayed in front of swinburne building (one of them, i think?). it’s nice here, so many restaurants. too bad i’m going back to jakarta tomorrow night.

thalia | 21 February 2003 - 09:06 | reply