~ Melbourne! ~

14 February 2003

(back-tracking entry)

we arrived at Melbourne in the morning, and went straight home (my parents have a house around Glenferrie area). i was dead tired that i crashed, slept and didn’t wake up until 3 in the afternoon. Noushka came by after her classes.

Noushka is my cousin. she’s currently in training here in Melbourne. she left Jakarta two weeks after i arrived. so i didn’t get to see her much. she’s going to move to Brisbane at the end of the week. so, she’s planning to spend the rest of her Melbourne week here at my parents’ house.

later that night, Noush and i went to Lendra’s house to pick up some of her stuff. Lendra is my other cousin. he’s been living with his family (wife and baby boy) here in Melbourne for a few years. Noushka lived at his house along with Yana, Lendra’s sister… (ooph, it got confusing with these names and cousins, eh?).

anyways, i got to buy my own Metcard, which is the equivalent of Metrocard of NYC, and got to learn on how to take the train from one suburb to another. how exciting!

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Happy belated Valentine dong…. MANA CHOCO-KU!? (gak tau diri banget ya?)

varziel | 20 February 2003 - 01:15 | reply