~ nia’s coming to the city ~

15 November 2002

nia, ari’s sister, is coming to visit us. she’ll arrive around 10:30 tonight. i’ve spent the whole day cleaning up the my messy apartment to a presentable level. scrubbing here and there. move boxes from here to there. it feels good… i feel like a gain a bit of muscles and my apartment is quite nice and shiny.

on a totally different topic, i start to miss journal sidebar (that thing on the side of your journal where you can put small blurbs about you, links to other places, and other things aside but related to your journal). i used to have it on a previous few layouts, but i got rid of it on this one. maybe it’s time to start playing around with new layout…

~ comment (3) ~

can’t wait to see ur new layout :-)

lilpixel | 16 November 2002 - 01:30 | reply

how was the farewell party, thal?

sLesTa | 18 November 2002 - 04:52 | reply

Can’t hardly wait!

dican | 18 November 2002 - 11:47 | reply