~ sayonara party ~

17 November 2002

the yesterday party was great, despite the nasty and cruel weather (we managed to kill 2 out of 3 umbrellas). it felt like christmas, with the nice nice people, presents and cards… i was soooo touched.

we dragged Liz and Scogin to Noodletown for after-bar supper thing. we were drunk enough to walk a few blocks in the rain for some porridge and dumplings.

here is the pictures from my camera. i want to put some caption, but gawd, the packing and tons of errands gives me no time at all. jane has more pictures too!


nia is leaving today, back to Kansas City. it’s still raining, cold and windy outside. i feel bad for her cause all the days she spent in NYC has been pretty nasty and it’s hard to strolling around the city in this weather.

~ comment (2) ~

you look so radiant in your pic :)

rose | 19 November 2002 - 10:16 | reply

hi thalia! sorry to have missed your party. (a cousin had a pre-getting married party). but it was great to have met you and ari. too bad you are leaving NYC now! :-(

paul | 23 November 2002 - 02:13 | reply