~ last week on ny office ~

14 November 2002

since today is my last day at Bolt’s New York office, we all had a small drinks thing at Noca (see invite by jase.) . we practically had the entire bar for ourselves. woohoo. yesterday, when i got my stitches out, i asked the doctor if i can drink alcoholic drinks. he said, yeah, go party, girl! and he wasn’t being sarcastic. so, yay! i did.

ari also came by. even sig, the CFO of the company stopped by and bought me a drink. wow. that was nice! i was too busy talking, i forgot to take pictures :(

after that, ari and i had dinner at Lupe’s, a little mexican restaurant. the combination of a lot of smiling, talking and chewing cheese enchilada and plaintains made my jaw all sore and tired. i think i was a little too adventurous for my recovering jaw.