~ Savannah: Part 1 ~

01 November 2002

today is the last day of bebe staying with me (*sniffles*). i can’t take him back to indonesia, since he’ll be required to enter quarantine for a few months, and they usually don’t take care the quarantined animals well. so, instead of let him thru that kinda torture, i decided to take give him to my brother, ramanda, who currently live in Savannah, Georgia. the plan is:

1. wake up 6AM
that didn’t happen since i didn’t go to bed until 3 in the morning. i woke up at 6:30 isntead. and that costs me a lot, considerning we should leave the apartment for the airport at 8am.

2. clean up bebe’s cage, pack it to the designated cardboard box.
i forgot to make sure the clean up the bathtub drain. cleaning up bebe’s cage needs a good, flowing drain. so there goes another half hour of drano-ing the drain. the cardboard box i bought was a little too big for the cage, so ari had to modify it, which took longer than i expected.

3. bebe goes to carry-on kennel.
ooph, he doesn’t like that little box. it was a bit frustrating chasing a running rabbit around an apartment full of boxes and nooks for him to hide.

4. leave home at 8 to the airport.
we ended up leaving at 8:15. the car service driver wasn’t too happy and bebe was nervous as hell.

the rest of the trip was both amusing and nerve-wrecking. bebe was shaking and shedding fur the whole trip which started at 8am and ended at 4pm (we had a two-hour transit at Atlanta). poor thing was so stressed out. ari and i can’t do much except petting him.

on the other hand, people, airlines crews, even the security guards in the airport seemed to be amused and entertained that they would have a rabbit on board. on the security check, bebe needed to be taken out of the kennel so that it can goes through x-ray. when ari pass through the beeping thing while holding bebe on his arm, the whole security area goes oohs-aaahs. cute.

bebe seemed to like ramanda’s house, though. he quickly roamed around and started to sniff and mark things with his chin. that’s a good sign. ramanda housemates, mike and garret, seemed to enjoy bebe’s companion too. when we arrived, garret has fixed a corner with plastic mat for bebe’s cage. it makes me very happy to see that they’re excited to have bebe around… i think bebe has found a good home :)

i ended the night early after dinner with ari, ramanda, garret and mike at Hues on the River Street. i was too exhausted to hang out. it was a long day.

photos from today?