~ Savannah: Part 2 ~

02 November 2002

ari and i started the day with walking around River Street, sipping coffee and looked around the riverside fair. on the way to River Street, we found an art fair in front of Telfair Museum, so we visited and took a few photos. it was a perfect walk-and-snap-picture day… the sky was blue and the temperature was just right; not too hot, not too cold.

around 3 in the afternoon, we met up with Ramanda and Aviv, another friend of his, at the city market. Ramanda doesn’t have a car, while his apartment is about an hour walk from the hotel i stayed. not only it’s far, if i had to walk, i had to go through a dangerous area (that’s what he said). so, he always had to ask at least one of his friends with car to meet up with us.

the four of us had seafood dinner back at River Street again. after that, i decided to check out of the hotel, and stayed over at Ramanda’s apartment. the reasoning behind this was the flight that ari and i would take back to NY took off at 6 in morning.

yesterday was my first time at Ramanda’s apartment. the last time i went to visit him, he still lived in college dorm. same for my parents last visit. so i took a lot of picture of his apartment to show my parents. it was a four-bedroom-two stories apartment along with huuuge bathroom. the bathroom alone was bigger than my old room in college apartment…. i can comfortably live there (i think).

it was a typical boys-in-college apartment. minimum furnitures, maximum entertainments: two video games consoles, loads of games, a few stacks of dvds. since they’re in art college, their artworks are scattered everywhere. ink here, brush there, stacks of papers here and there. it was a mess… haha.

those kids don’t sleep! ari and i were fed GTA Vice City 9 hours straight… aviv started playing around 8pm, stopped at 4 in the morning to watch Spiderman video. garret was also playing GTA up in his room. wow. ramanda, i and mike exchanged some MP3s, and i got 3 Furi Kuri VCD from mike. i felt so old cause i was yawning here and there… ramanda’s room wasn’t sleepable, since it was soooooo messy. so i took a 1 hour nap on the couch, while ari kept working on his laptop.

i spent most of the night play around with bebe, since i figured, this might be the last day i’d see him. he’s a seven-year-old rabbit, and i might not be able to come back to the States until 2-3 years from now… i don’t know what’s gonna happen. it was kinda sad… *sniffles*… :(

we left at 5am to catch our 6am flight and our nap on the plane. i could no longer keep up with college lifestyle, man…

more photos?