~ halloween! ~

31 October 2002

happy halloween, everyone!

i went out to lunch with Scogin today. he was supposed to move out of his apartment by this Saturday, but when i went up there, his apartment still looks just like the way it was. none was packed. i guess hes worse than ari and i in terms of packing…

turned out he just bought GTA: Vice City. that’s why he invited me up before leaving for lunch. alyssa was also at Scogin’s apartment, knitting her new scarf and dressing up like Margot Tenenbaum. Vice City was awesome. no wonder Scogin hasn’t packed. i’m currently torn between buying the game and risk the fact that ari will never do anything but playing it, or not buying the game, pack and regret my decision forever.

i ended up staying late at the birthday bash party, which was a mistake. cause i was supposed to pack up for tomorrow’s flight to Savannah…. yikes!

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dropped in to say hello

onedrunkboy | 1 November 2002 - 04:59 | reply

hello drunkboy :D

thalia | 3 November 2002 - 11:51 | reply