~ LA - Day 3 ~

06 July 2002

today, is the Santa Monica day. we checked out of the hotel and had a breakfast at IHOP (there is no IHOP in New York City!). we realized how easy it is to find bathroom in LA…. almost every store has their own bathroom. and most of them are clean too!

then we took the Big Blue Bus to the 3rd Street Promenade, where we met up with RJ, my old roommate. the last time i saw him was years ago, when ari and i went to Rhode Island and stayed at his place. he’s still in the Navy and now a liutenant and a team leader on his ship. cool huh? so we sat at Starbucks and catched up.

speaking of Starbucks, 3rd Street Promenade is this 3 blocks strip of regular stores like Urban Outfitters etc. the stores remind me of Soho but the set up was so different. it was clean, there were a band performing and performers playing tricks and stuff. the atmosphere was very nice and relaxing.

leaving the promenade, we decided to walk along the Santa Monica beach, heading towards Dave’s house, where we were supposed to meet up with cia, stan and dave. there were so many homeless people along the beach, laying around in their sleeping bags. i guess, being homeless in LA is much easier than in New York.

the beach was much crowded compare to the last 2 days. there are more people biking and rollerblading as well. i think, we finally saw the LA imagery: girls in bikini on rollerblades. yep, there were plenty of those.

before going back to New York, i insisted to try Mexican food in LA. so we did. Dave took us to this very nice and colorful restaurant, where the margarita was amazing and the enchilada was so damn good, i almost licked my plate.

we took a red-eye flight going back to New York, and arrived around 5:30 in the morning. LA was great… i wouldn’t mind living there, although the whole no-smoking policy is a bit of a drag. i think, if i live there, i would certainly miss NYC’s nightlife and the whole convinient that goes with it. (you can be drunk and not worry about designated driver… subways rocks!) next time we visit LA, we HAVE TO go to see the desert, though. i have never seen deserts in my whole life.

even more photos: Los Angeles Day 3 (07/06/02)