~ LA - day 2 ~

05 July 2002

since we only reserve the hotel for 2 nights, last night around 2am, i started calling hotels around Santa Monica looking for 1 night rooms. so this morning, we were out of the hotel along with our backpacks. turned out that getting a hotel room isn’t as hard as i thought…. yay, Best Western.

Brunch was great at Lulu’s. (looks like they ditched the “Alibi”… too bad.) cute little coffeeshop. Stan mentioned that the Giant Robot store was nearby, but we need to get going since the parking reservation for Getty Center is running out.

Getty Center was totally amazing. we didn’t even bother to go in the building and see the exhibition. the building itself with its surrounding was a huge exhibition itself, we could hardly take it all for one day. along with a perfect sunny day, the experience couldn’t get any better. see it for yourself:

we took so many pictures, that my camera ran out of battery again. so i didn’t take any more pictures for the rest of the day. too bad.

after Getty, we headed out to the beach. this time, we were too tired and decided not to go into the water. instead, i fell asleep… and that’s bad. i was all burnt. after about 2 hours, two hotdogs and cheese fries along with 10 beach birds standing 2 feet from us waiting for leftover fries, we left the beach and headed home.

the dinner was Wabi Sabi sushi. huge and fresh. what a lovely sushi. it’s so filling, we had a great night sleep at our new little hotel.

more photos: Los Angeles Day 2 (07/05/02)